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Coming Home to the Village-Guest Post

The day I met the Village ladies, I felt such a sense of relief and gratitude wash over me. Very few of my family and friends had understood or supported my decisions to foster, then adopt teens from state care. Those decisions had in fact turned my life upside down, and introduced me to situations and scenarios which were totally foreign to me. (I wish they were still foreign to me!)

From the outside looking in, my life changes did not appear to be positive ones. For every moment of joy, there seemed to be three of heartache. The intense needs of my teenagers necessitated a change in career and a pretty serious drop in income. My biological (adult) children felt swept aside, and perhaps they were. Fast forward ten years and I am now raising the two year old son of one of my girls.

Even I started to question myself. What HAD I done it for? Were my girls in fact better off than if I had never tried so hard to give them the love and guidance they needed? What was I doing raising a two year old at my age!? I was seeking a therapist to mull it over with when a friend of mine told me, "You have GOT to meet these ladies you will love them!!" and I do. I really do. Because talking to them reminded me of the sense of mission and purpose that drove me onto this journey in the first place. They reminded me of the importance of what we do, and the impact we have even though we can't always see it. They understood my feelings because they were living it too. That felt so GOOD!